Golden Retriever Facts and Information

This particular dog breed is known for its gentle temperament, intelligence, loyalty, and companionship. If given the right training, Golden Retriever Breed is certain to give you no behavioral problems because it seems to always be on the lookout to pleasing you and making you happy. This is why it does not make much for a watchdog.

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Their coat shade varies from cream to gold and they are full and hairy giving a pleasant sight to the eyes. Their coat is dense but firm; shedding all-round the year. The dog has a medium neck, a broad head, and a straight muzzle. They have dark round eyes which makes them warm, receptive and friendly. Their weights are around 70lbs for males and 60lbs for females. Their height ranges from 21 to 24 inches.

This dog breed grows really very fast and has the tendency of getting so big easily. In fact, they have the capacity of attaining half of their actual weight in just the first few months of birth.

Exercises and Space

You may need some space to accommodate the golden retriever breed because of its activeness although the older it grows, the less active it is likely to become. The golden retriever breed enjoys exercises especially outdoor activities such as swimming, jogging, running by the bicycle, long walks and so on. Having a large yard may be a fascinating option for your dog but this does not forbid keeping them indoors too.

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Because of the density of their coat, it is advisable to have your golden retriever groomed once or twice a week. Thus, if you are allergic to this, you may want to reconsider your options.

Health and Lifespan

You may need to be aware that the golden retriever breed is susceptible to a number of hereditary diseases such as dysplasia, cataract and inherited bleeding disorder called Von Willebrand Disease (VWD). To minimize the risk of your pet having these diseases, ensure to get your pet from a reliable breeder and always check health certificates of a breeding pair. Also, the golden retrievers are also open to skin allergies causes most times by insect bites. The golden retrievers have a reputable lifespan if not infected or affected by health issues. But then, many of them get stricken by cancer and die too early.

Golden Retriever Cost and Maintenance

Every pet demand some sort of care and this will incur a cost for the owner. The case of the golden retriever breed is not an exception. But then, the huge expense is only at the start out when you have to buy your pet equipment, accessories, and supplies for its care such as food and water bowls, leashes, grooming instruments, toys amidst others. Afterward, all you need to care about is its feed, injections and regular checks.

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